My favorite songs collected in the first quarter of this year. This collection turns out sounding decidedly melancholic, but the general vibe that permeated my listening experience last quarter was more along the lines of subtle pleasures and a leaning into creative exploration. I hope you enjoy.

  1. The Bells Of Rhymney | Pete Seeger
    Greatest Hits | 1967
    Pete’s passing marked the first big music-related event of the year. I never have quite taken a full dive into the Seeger-Guthrie American folk world. This one comes off a greatest hits record from the used bins. Very intense.
  2. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous | 10cc
    Deceptive Bends | 1977
    Brother Dane puts it like this: “Best non-Macca Macca song?” I scooped up all of the late 70s 10cc albums that I could find late last year and early this year. The album artwork alone is worth a look. Come for the art, but stay for the songs.
  3. Jesse Younger | Kris Kristofferson
    Jesus Was A Capricorn | 1972
    Where have we heard this beat sampled? It’s one of those rare mysteries in this internet age.
  4. Passing Out Pieces | Mac DeMarco
    Salad Days | 2014
    My first favorite release from 2014. I still feel closer to his last album, 2, but Macky’s done something pretty interesting with those Beach Boys Love You synths on this one.
  5. Goin’ Down | Harry Nilsson
    Knnillssonn | 1977
    When I go to antique stores ready to buy old vinyl, I find myself excited by stuff like late 70’s Harry Nilsson albums. Yodeling is way cooler than I thought. I mean, both Nilsson and Eno can’t be wrong, right?
  6. Maya Eyes | Young King Zebra
    Handsome Sansome | 2014
    From the man who inspired my 45-to-33 speed listening (see that Buzzcocks song at the end of this mix), comes Young King Zebra. Check out his soundcloud at for more intimate tunes with a sense of humor.
  7. Interlude V | Mannheim Steamroller
    Fresh Aire II | 1977
    I’m a card-carrying member of the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music fan club. So, I thought I should at least own one of these non-holiday albums that started it all. Listening to this album, I’m realizing just how important context is when it comes to how I judge music. This is really pretty good, no?
  8. Coming Home | Daniel Bachman
    Singles Club Volume 1 | 2014
    3am introspection. Right out of the gate with their first issue, Singles Club makes it clear that you need to sit with the music to get everything from it. I forgot about that for a few years and became more of a music consumer than a music collector. Thanks for the reminder, Singles Club and Daniel Bachman.
  9. Everybody’s Happy Nowadays (45-33) | The Buzzcocks
    Everybody’s Happy Nowadays | 1979
    Slowing down music is way too easy to be this fun. My friend Graham and I are making a real habit of this game.

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