It’s a mixed bag of the new and old. The very funny and very serious. And probably the broadest representation of my musical tastes this year. To be honest, I found myself in a bit of a listening slump in the third quarter. To pick favorites, Run the Jewels and Flying Lotus stand out in terms of repeated listens, but I must say I’m rooting for my new local favorites, Gazebos, more than any other. And, I have to give a nod to my pal, djmrsmith, for inspiring two of my picks this quarter.

  1. It’s Over | Ty Segall
    Manipulator | 2014
    Ty Segall is bringing a great blend of chuggy and glammy rock this go around. I’m pretty sure the credit goes to Mikal Cronin for infusing Manipulator with the healthy dose of pop-ness that makes it my favorite of Ty’s releases thus far.
  2. I Love You Love Me Love | Gary Glitter
    I Love You Love Me Love | 1973
    I’m picked up a 45 of this old hit mainly for the purposes of slowing it down for my 45-33 fetish (and, yeah, it sounds great at 33). But since Mr. Segall decided to get all glammy this year, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to follow it up with this gem.
  3. Changes Have Begun | Stories
    Stories ‎– Brother Louie | 1973
    Another score from my 45 digging this summer. Stories does that Brother Louie tune you all know from either your childhood in the 70s (for the older gang) or Louie CK’s very good television show. Flipping the single over to hear “Changes Have Begun” yielded an unexpected power pop bonus.
  4. Sauna | Gazebos
    How excited am I that TV Coahran and Shannon Perry have teamed up in Gazebos?! These two have to be the most prolifically creative folks I know, and I love what they have going on here. Can’t wait for more from Gazebos.
  5. Baby Let’s Cruise | Dwight Twilley Band
    Sincerely | 1976
    It was only a matter of time before I broke down and purchased my first Dwight Twilley recording. After hearing it from brother Dane and friend Tom, I grabbed a digital copy of Sincerely, primary because of the killer album cover. And I’m not disappointed. Those vocals!
  6. Crocodile Chop | Neil Cicierega
    Mouth Silence | 2014
    Alright. You need a sense of humor to come along with me for this ride. I won’t comment further.
  7. Dbf | Eno – Hyde
    High Life | 2014
    Brian Eno has won back my heart. Hallelujah! It seems like for years, every six months he’s been quietly releasing collaboration after collaboration of boring (yeah yeah, I mean very sophisticated and creative) b-team electronic music. High Life is refreshing in its variety of tempos, influences, and use of vocals. Short of another full-on masterpiece in the vein of, oh, everything he did in the 70’s, this is about as good as it gets. And it’s better than most.
  8. Feral | YOU.
    Sunchaser | 2014
    The site Ad Hoc is where I turn when I’m feeling underwhelmed by the steady churn of hyped up, more-of-the-same stuff that surfaces around the internet. And even then, the site is mostly awash with VHS-core, outer-than-thou tunes. But, once in a paginated while, I come across something like YOU. They seem like they’re just waiting to be picked up by the machine, but doesn’t it sound better when the room isn’t crowded?
  9. Blockbuster Night Part 1 | Run The Jewels
    RTJ2 | 2014
    Hell yes. Killer Mike and El-P are back together and braggier than ever. They’ve convinced me that rapping about how good you rap is actually not as obnoxious as the 80s made it out to be. I’ve surfaced on Facebook with a post about how I feel about these two already, but somewhere between the Doctor Who (?) intro or the P.S. Hoffman reference at the end, these guys managed to be playful and hard and the same time. And that’s something we all should strive for in life.
  10. Lyk U Use 2 (feat. Andres) | Moodymann
    Moodymann | 2014
    I’m not so sure it’s okay that I’m as into this Moodymann record as I am, but it is very HOT. I mean, I’m not so familiar with Detroit, and the blacksploitation/C.Mayfield stylings have my race shame flame flickering more than usual. Anyway, all I care to say is that it’s been sounding great in my ear buds as I walk to and fro my 9 to 5 in the Pacific Northwest, and I hope I do something in this life to deserve it.
  11. Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) | Flying Lotus
    You’re Dead | 2014
    Existential as sh*t. This song reached out and swooped me up into it’s flurry, and I really haven’t come down, yet. Until I heard this, I was really wondering if maybe the magic of musical transcendence had left me high and dry for a quarter. Luckily, no. I can’t wait to spin the full album next week.
  12. Born, Never Asked | Laurie Anderson
    Big Science | 1982
    Yup, I finally bought Big Science. So, now I feel like I know what Merrill Garbus listened to while in college. “Born, Never Asked” is my sorta-sick selection in honor of my pregnant friends, Kelly & Aaron, and Sam & Tom. More existentialism, and, I’d like to think, an appropriate successor to “Never Catch Me” in this mix.
  13. Going In Circles (45-33) | Friends Of Distinction
    Going In Circles / Let Yourself Go | 1969
    I had to drop another 45-33 pick-up from this quarter. Perhaps this will be a recurring segment. The Friends of Distinction have that sweet spot of tight R&B musicianship, and just-high-enough vocals to not sound too much like mud when dropped from 45 to 33 RPM on the turntable. Hear that sad swagger? It’s way deeper than at natural speed.
  14. The Coldest Days Of My Life | Timmy Thomas
    Why Can’t We Live Together | 1972
    Thanks, again, to @djmrsmith, who turned me onto Timmy Thomas on his excellent drum machine mix, When Machines Rock. I thought I’d end the mix as we end summer, with “The Coldest Days of My Life”.

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