In our final episode, Manāt, I team up with @gramsden to bring this little series of slowed down 45s to a close. Graham and I contribute four cuts each, spanning the 50s to the new millennium. If you simply can’t get enough of this curious experiment in slow jammin’, check out Graham’s 8tracks mix, titled Do Not Rush, that he put out back in the Summer.

  1. Great Balls Of Fire | Jerry Lee Lewis
    At 33 1/3 rpm Jerry Lee’s incendiary spheres become slow-burning gas giants of goodness and graciousness.
  2. Roadrunner | The Modern Lovers
    Roadrunner, roadrunner! Going slower miles-an-hour. Jonathan and the boys are crawling past the Stop N Shop with the melted radio on.
  3. Take Me To The River | Talking Heads
    Byrne downs some house wine and delivers a deep, swill-filled vocal performance that is sure to keep you in the river.
  4. 12:51 | The Strokes
    If the Buzzcocks come off as the Strokes when slowed down, then, the Strokes turn into, um, Ween? I guess pretty much everyone turns into Ween at this speed.
  5. Sexx Laws | Beck
    Beck proving that a slow jam a day keeps the pixelated doctors away.
  6. Dial My Heart | The Boys
    In this slo-mo-shun cut The Boys ask the hard hitting questions like, “Am I the only homeboy that’s on your mind?” Waiting for the 1D remake of this song entitled, “Snapchat My Heart”.
  7. Paranoimia | The Art Of Noise (w/ Max Headroom)
    O.K. doors, swing. Yes, the doors have opened upon some sort of weed-dream memory of those classic yesteryears littered with Coca-Cola paraphernalia and insomnia. What a trip.
  8. Never On Sunday | The Chordettes
    From the gals who sang you “Lollipop” comes a goofy little song about negotiating affection. Warning, this lilting melody is going to linger long after it’s done.

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