45-33 episode 6 (Manāt)

In our final episode, Manāt, I team up with @gramsden to bring this little series of slowed down 45s to a close. Graham and I contribute four cuts each, spanning the 50s to the new millennium. If you simply can’t get enough of this curious experiment in slow jammin’, check out Graham’s 8tracks mix, titled Do Not Rush, that he put out back in the Summer. Continue reading

45-33 episode 3 (Kali)

Kali and the ’80s have arrived to destroy what you now know about 45-33s. These slowed down 45s sound bigger and bolder than anything that’s come before. The decade is so replete with awesome big hair vocals and gated snares that it’s going to take more than one episode to cover everything. If you’d like a visual representation of what I’m trying to accomplish here, just play that Olivia Newton-John “Physical” video in reverse. Wow. Continue reading


45-33 episode 2 (Xiuhtecuhtli)

In the second installment of the 45-33 series, I bring you slowed down selections from the ’70s. The funk gets crunked. The cocaine is swapped for quaaludes in the recording studio. And the punk starts to peacock with more pop sensibility. We end with a scary monster from 1980 because, well, I needed to leave room for something a little different from the early Reagan years in next week’s episode. Continue reading