The 80s, part two. This decade has a million hits worth the 45-33 treatment. Heh is but a symbol of the vast expanse of potential.

  1. Eye Of The Tiger (45-33) | Survivor
    Eye Of The Tiger | 1982
    High school basketball warmups just got fiercer.
  2. Mystery Boy (45-33) | Culture Club
    Mystery Boy | 1982
    Settle into this tasty little vision of mystery from Boy George and Club.
  3. Love Is A Stranger (45-33) | Eurythmics
    Love Is A Stranger | 1982
    Please watch the video and think of that creepy dummy with every “Ooh” and “Ahh” in the background vocals.
  4. Break My Stride (45-33) | Matthew Wilder
    Break My Stride | 1983
    Sorry, Matthew. Had to slow you down.
  5. Caribbean Queen (45-33) | Billy Ocean
    Caribbean Queen | 1984
    It’s sort of meta when you slow down Billy Ocean’s voice since everyone else, you know, sort of sounds like him on this speed.
  6. Living In China (45-33) | Men Without Hats
    Living In China | 1983
    Is this ping pong? Yes, probably, but MWH dropped a clever little reference connecting the dots between Gang of Four, the band, and Gang of Four, the CPC leaders. So, that’s cool, right?
  7. The Heat Is On (45-33) | Glenn Frye
    The Heat Is On | 1984
    Another video accompaniment recommendation, here. F***ing, Glenn Frye.
  8. Erotic City (45-33) | Prince
    Erotic City | 1984
    Prince’s rhythms hypnotize until the dawn.

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